Apple Drive

by Unamused Dave

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released June 22, 2014

Seth Wagers - Vocals/Guitar

Jack Dintelman - Drums

Brayden Lambiase - Bass

Bryson Maddock - Vocals/Guitar

Recorded at Seth Wagers' bedroom

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Seth Wagers

All songs written by Seth Wagers



all rights reserved


Unamused Dave Peoria, Illinois

Unamused Dave is your basic rock band that spends their time doing their homework two weeks in advance & wiping their feet before entering the house.

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Track Name: Anything
I've seen what life can be
Haven't liked what I have seen
And leave into the life I live on my own
The trouble in my mind
No one hurt erase my pride
Existing in the cloud that's life alone

I know there's another side to me
Just waiting for the right time
To let myself be free
Let myself be free

You can count on me for anything

Burn this down by your ears
End the world with blood and tears
When they say we sinned the more I think about it
Crowded streets and empty faces
Looking through the same old places
The passion never died it just got lost
Track Name: The Metal One
Track Name: "Marvin, what do you make of all this?"
As we grow older I have found
Theres nothing harder than being run down
The force behind my will to live
The sweetness in my coffee
Give me some thought behind my actions
With a solution to my problems
Like the flower on the windowsill

The way it is in anxious times
Once bitten twice in the fall by wayside
Sense of reason's out of season
Til love has gone to pieces
Everything starts because of you
Whenever I start something that's new
What happened to the morals in this?

Yeah we're never alone
We take things to the heart and it makes us wait till it falls apart
And I'm screaming
We're all just drops in the middle of the ocean

You live your life in different phases
Your comfort zone when nothing changes
Let your conscience win again
Get you out of the mess you're in
I'll miss the leaves when they hit the ground
I'll miss the silence when there's too much sound
Until love is shown there'll be no release
Track Name: Self-Proclaimed Deity
Lifes changing and I'm not feeling it
Take the time to think about a reason
The thing that upsets me
Is that I'm thinking things that I don't wanna think
Enough of the colors
Have shown their true self to me
The sunset it speaks of the underlying tones they grew

You think you've got the touch man
Your soul is filled with bad aggresion
You talk of the promised land
Existence of the natural world
Let us breath in the freedom to live without believing
I can't believe its come out like this

It's pouring all out of
The box of youth it's misunderstood
It's trapped in my mind
What's the big deal? We've got no time
Track Name: Cardinal
These things fly by with bright red wings
And you're touched by the luck but it's never enough
To feel the power of this redbird sing its song
Whats in the trees will feel the breeze
Whats in the maple leaves comes the cardinal singing on

I don't want for the summer to end now
I don't want for the seasons to change
I just want for the leaves to turn green now
I just want for these things to be better

And that'd be fine

They come from the sky that we've never seen
And they know so much more of what a heaven be
And it all comes naturally for this bird to be so gone
If you see me you'll see the spring
Let your sadness become lifted from my song
Track Name: Tops Down, Hoods Up
As we climb fences and run across the street
From the trailer park it's dawn it's cold with February breeze
Leaving the lights onto the house
So we can see the night and be here while we're leaving
Hoping for some good times
Better than the last
On the backyard porch of Russel's house
Where we're free from all society
Deep inside the bonfire
Is where we keep our thoughts of things around us
Where a thousand words are flying

Standing in the bathroom
Leaning out the window
Breathing out the stress from reality
Inhaling all the purities
Bomb the room with Old Spice
Because it wreaks of freedom of expression
And don't let the smell get out cause its serenities
Keeping track of all the moments of salvation from the horror of existence
This is my mountain and I must climb it on my own

We're just midwest kids
Making our way across the grid
Counting on the slim to none chances of
Finding what we want
And we take whats our own
Leaving friends in a warzone